10 Ways To Improve Link Popularity Of Blog

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Link Popularity is a standard or a parameter, which your blog has many links from other blogs or websites. Link to our blog to Backlink called or Inbound Links, where this is a very important part to increase traffic to the blogs you visit that will enhance everything that you aim for blogging.

Do you know what is Link Popularity? maybe some of you have never heard even understand. If you know about the techniques Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it will be very closely related to the Link Popularity and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

To get links from other blogs or websites to your blog, you can do without cost or free, although some of them will require a small fee. 10 ways to improve link popularity of blogs is:

1. Register your blog on directory sites, currently available thousands of Web Directory where we can register our blog for free until paid. But most of this directory is free and easy to do. This is absolutely the way you do if you want to get significant traffic to your blog.

2. submit an article to Social Bookmark, it will increase your blog traffic. Even some Social Bookmark provide "do-follow links", so that will be increasing your pagerank blog.

3. Often leave comments on other blogs, especially blogs do follow.

4. Join the social networking site, I'm sure you must have an account on Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, Hi5 or any other? So please take advantage of them to add a backlink to your blog. Also popular social networking sites like Facebook is very effective to increase traffic.

5. Marketing Articles, Write, organized sentences nuanced promotion, evaluation and Testimonials. Try to be objective, but remains firm and strong to emphasize the benefits of the products or services you sell. Articles Marketing is a marketing technique through the articles you write. Can be a review or a review of a product or service you're selling something else atapun you're targeting.

6. Making Press Release, such announcement or notification where you can tell the existence of your blog. Most of the special web press release allows you to include the URL so that you will get a backlink.

7. Partisipate actively in the various discussion forums, discussion forums are very powerful, especially if the appropriate forum and in accordance with your blog.

8. Advertising, classifieds is one solution to increase the popularity of your blog and many sites provide free advertising.

9. Paid links, you can buy links that are offered on a blog that has a high pagerak and many visitors.

10. Creative thinking, the way these are just some of the many ways to get the link popularity, there are many other ways depending on your creativity.


Easy Way To Get PR3 or PR4

Read the title of this article "Easy Way To Get PR3 or PR4" you are interested in a quick possible, Pagerank hunted many of the bloggers to raise the sale value of a blog. It is actually to get a PR3 or PR4 quite easy. Especially if you play the program requires paid reviews pagerank, so this becomes a necessity to get it.

Pagerank is how Google as number one search engine that most of internet users use to find anything on internet give a rank to your site. It gives ranking based on your quality backlink. So to increase pagerank of your site, you need to get as much as possible quality backlinks to your site. Quality backlink meant here is backlink from a site which its content is relevant with your content.

To get a PR3 or PR4 really easy. From the search results on the Internet, the senior bloggers provide an easy guide. Now you notice the following calculation:

  • PR2 -> 101 backlick of PR1, or 18 backlick from PR2, or 3 backlick of PR3, or 1 backlick from PR4.
  • PR3 -> 555 backlick PR1, or PR2 from 101 backlick, or 18 backlick of PR3, or 3 backlick from PR4, or 1 backlick from PR5.
  • PR4 -> 3055 backlick PR1, PR2 or 555 backlick, 101 backlick of PR3, or 18 backlick from PR4, or 3 backlick from PR5, or 1 backlick from PR6.

For example: You want to be PR4, then you need 1 website with links from PR6, or 3 backlinks from other websites with PR5, and if you are hard to get it then you need 18 backlinks from other websites with PR4. Assuming no more than 10 external links (outbound links) in these pages. Next you just looking for blogs that have a PR4 or PR5 to invite you to exchange links, search for free backlink, or if you have a lot of money please buy the link that many bloggers offer.


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