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Thursday, June 4, 2009

One of the most important ingredients in keyword research is understanding the language your target market speaks. While your department, your branding crew, your boss may have created concepts, jargon, slogans, or other insider language tools they’d like the consumer to adopt or internalize, unless the consumer has been in the same meetings and viewed the same PowerPoint presentation they aren’t likely going to be using that language to search.

Search marketing specialist for nFusion, Taylor Pratt addresses what he calls “professional blindness,” which is more of a linguistic barrier between industry insiders and the markets they are trying to reach. Keyword research is a way to break down those barriers so connections can be made via search.

The Changing World Of Keyword Research People who have been adhering to the same old tactics while researching keywords might do well to shake things up a little - or a lot. A search engine marketing expert recently shared her insights and gave some advice on the matter.

I seen some “amazing changes” take place in respect to what’s working. This past year or so, with this economic depression that we’ve had some of the terms that have been very consistent over the years you’ll actually see a very strong downward trend.

Online behavior is changing. People are trying to find ways to stretch their dollars, get more for their money. So one specific tip is to pair core keyword phrases with terms like “discount,” “cheap,” “overstock,” and “inexpensive.

More generally, I likes to just take advantage of what several different keyword tools offer. You can use some for brainstorming, some for gathering trend info, and so on. And it’s best to make sure you’re on the right path by seeing if they offer consistent suggestions.

Two of Maravila's favorite tools are Google Trends and Google Insights for Search.

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